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It is quite impractical for a crowd of people to watch movies on a small TV screen. This problem led to the invention of projectors. However, some situations may obstruct the correct projector functioning. For instance, the projector beam might get blocked or entangled by cables. Projector mounts come in handy to solve such issues. These mounts usually keep projector away from all interference and allow useful adjustments to offer a perfect and glare-free viewing angle. A decent projector mount is the one that is sturdy, versatile and easy to install.

Nevertheless, with a wide variety of options to pick from, it can be challenging to select the right product. In this review, we listed the top ten best projector ceiling mounts.  Pick the best that suits your requirements and budget.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Projector Ceiling Mounts

  • Construction: Most Projector Ceiling Mounts are constructed from steel as it ensures sturdiness and durability. Nevertheless, you need to search for one that has screws and bracket that fits tightly to ensure firm mount. Also, all pieces of hardware should be well constructed to prevent wobbling.
  • Ease of Installation: How quick will it take to install the ceiling mount? If possible, check for one that comes with user-friendly design and takes less than30 minutes to install. Some ceiling mounts come with detailed illustrated installation helping you to get precise balance and right fix.
  • Flexibility: It is a good idea to go for a flexible ceiling mount. This depends on the tilting and rotation. Some ceiling projectors manage tilt of around 15 degrees while others only 5 degrees. Some rotate 360 degrees while others only rotate 90 degrees. Go for one that will achieve what you want.

Easiest to Install

Amer Universal Projection Mount

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  • Ideal for suspended ceilings
  • Includes built-in cable management
  • Effective heat dissipation to prevent lamp overheating


  • Limited color options (available in white only)

If you’re seeking an easy installation solution for your projector mount, consider the Amer Universal Projection Mount. Featuring a patented design with a reinforced steel plate and a white cast aluminum mounting head, it replaces a standard two-foot square ceiling tile.

This robust mount supports projectors up to 30 pounds and incorporates a heat-dissipating design in its mounting head to prolong projector lamp lifespan. The steel plate includes cutouts and covers for two standard outlets, offering convenience for mounting additional equipment or accessories.

Small Spaces

Epson Universal Kit


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  • Flush mount capability against the ceiling
  • Supports versatile adjustments
  • Straightforward installation process


  • Limited to one color option

The Epson Universal Projection Mount measures 4.41 x 4.41 x 4.02 inches, combining compact size with robust construction. Its low-profile design is particularly suited for smaller rooms, and it features a universal interface compatible with most projectors available.

This mount offers various installation configurations, including flush mounting to the ceiling, catering to different spatial requirements. Users find it easy to set up, delivering clear and crisp projections, with convenient access to projector lamps and filters.

For enhanced adjustability, the mount allows independent control over roll, pitch, and yaw angles, maximizing flexibility in projector positioning.

Tall Ceilings

Monoprice Ceiling Mount


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  • Adjustable height up to three feet
  • Suitable for heavier projectors
  • Durable and robust build quality


  • Not compatible with low ceilings

If you’re looking to install your projector in a room with high ceilings, consider the Monoprice Projector Ceiling Mount. Its adjustable pole extends up to 36 inches, allowing for versatile positioning. With pan and tilt capabilities of 30 degrees in each direction and a 360-degree swivel, it enables optimal viewing angles even in spaces with ceilings exceeding 12 feet.

Designed for heavy-duty use, this mount supports projectors weighing up to 50 pounds and includes clearly labeled mounting hardware for straightforward installation. The projector bracket is detachable from the adjustable pole, offering flexibility for use in different locations as needed.

Small Projectors

Mount-It! Ceiling Mount




  • Ideal for compact and heavy projectors
  • Available in a choice of two colors
  • Compatible with both high and low ceilings


  • Offers less flexibility compared to other mounts
  • Reported discrepancies in listed mounting hole lengths

The Mount-It! budget-friendly projector ceiling mount is recommended for small projectors. Featuring a universal design with four fully adjustable arms, which can be removed if necessary for projectors with fewer mounting points.

Despite its compact size, this mount is crafted from heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel, capable of supporting up to 44 pounds. While slightly less flexible than alternatives, it still offers a 15-degree tilt function and 8 degrees of roll adjustment. Measuring just 4.5 inches in height, it minimizes space consumption in your setup.

What to Look For in a Projector Mount

Weight Capacity

When choosing your mount, it’s important to factor in the size and weight of your projector. Not all mounts are universally compatible, so it’s crucial to choose one that can securely support your particular model.


Think about the mounting location for your projector. Will it be positioned at an unusual angle relative to the screen? Is your mounting surface slightly uneven? If so, the ability to adjust the tilt and swivel of your projector will be crucial. Keep in mind that not all mounts offer these minor adjustment capabilities.


Apart from minor tilt adjustments, certain mounts also feature height extension capabilities. Opting for an extending mount can effectively accommodate vaulted or decorative ceilings in your setup.


These are some of the best Projector Ceiling Mounts you can find out there. They are durable, flexible, easy to use and comes at a very affordable deal. Make that choice now, and enjoy exceptional visual projection.

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